Are You Drinking Enough Water?


Water is an amazing solvent which is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This unique form is a universal solvent. Water provides an efficient way to move substances around the body. It carries nutrients to the cell and takes waste away from the cell.

It helps regulate you! 

Our body is anywhere of 60-75% water. No wonder we rely on it. Water helps regulate fluids, tissue cells, lymph, blood and our temperature. Water is used in so many of our natural bodily processes. We excrete water through urination, defecation, perspiration, and it aids in digestion.

Are you Replenishing? 

Now we know that we loose a lot of water on a daily basis. Are we replenishing it at the rate that we are loosing it? The lack of water we call it “dehydration”. Dehydration can cause many symptoms and problems over time. Symptoms to be aware of is headaches, fatigue, irritability and weakness (so think twice before you take the NSAID or ibuprofen, a glass of water might do the trick!). Our body can only survive around 30 days without water (if your lucky), it is vital for functioning. We should be drinking around 8 cups of water a day to help offset what we loose in a day.

Don’t like the “taste” of water?

I have heard this many times, apparently water has a unique disgusting taste to some people. May I be as bold to ask this….is it that in this day in age with all the flavours in the world, we need our taste buds to be allured by some kind of sensation that makes us wonder “where has this water been all my life?” If you suffer from this phenomenon I encourage you to get over it. If you cannot, I suggested flavouring with lemon, green tea bags or infusing fruit or vegetables. I discourage adding sugar and aspartame or any other infested chemical additives. Water carries waste from a

cell…when you add chemical waste you are putting the water to work before it gets to the cell. This is not backed up by science… it is my strong hypothesis. 

Why I recommend my clients drink water after a Massage

As I repeated a few times in this article, WATER CARRIES WASTE FROM A CELL. This is great news because when I massage someone (especially deep tissue massage) I release a lot of toxins. We massage the muscle, breakdown scar tissue and increase circulation. I encourage most people to have a bath in essential oils such as lemon, eucalyptus and/or peppermint (they have sanitizing qualities and may help with cleaning up the waste) and Epsom salts (although there is no clear scientific evidence for what it does). Also I tell them to drink an extra amount of water after, to help flush out any toxins which will leave the body through urination and defecation.

So to sum up this article…. Drink water, it is meant to be in you.

Laura is not a scientist or a doctor, she does not claim to have cures and most articles are based on an opinion through her life experience as a Massage Therapist. 

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